Terje Baugerød – César Franck in Ris Church (album)

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César Franck
– Chorale No. 1 in E Major, FWV 38
– Cantabile in B Major, FWV 36
– Fantaisie in C Major, FWV 28

César Franck (1822 – 1890) is one of the most loved and played composers of music for large church organs.

What´s the point of recording music that´s already recorded a bunch of times?

César Franck composed 12 large scale pieces for organ that´s among the best knowned and most loved organmusic. Now, the Norweigian organist, Terje Baugerød, has recorded 3 of these and are planning to record and release the other 9 in the near future.

What´s the point?

They are already available in innumerable versions on every conceivable platform and elsewhere.

Baugerød is also one of the musicians that love most to play whitout notes and to create music in the moment he plays it. Then, what´s the point of being controlled detailed by the notes of a composer born 200 years ago?

For Baugerød, that question has an easy answer:

The music is so fantastic composed, the organ in Ris Church builded by Ryde & Berg in style of Cavaille-Coll sounds so great, and he plays the music just the way he feels to.

Terje Baugerød works as organist in Ris Church in Oslo, in addition to an active career as a performer, producer and composer. He is an openminded, improvising musician and works in particular with classical music, pop, electronica and traditional music from different cultures.

Terje Baugerød – organ

Recorded in Ris Church, Oslo

Organ: Ryde & Berg, 2010

Produced and recorded by Terje Baugerød

Recorded with support from Fond For Utøvende Kunstnereffuk.no
(The Fund For Performing Artists)


Label no: HZ7-020

RELEASE DATE: 1. october 2021