Ola Asdahl Rokkones & Terje Baugerød – I denne søte juletid (album)

Cover art: Oda Hveem – Visuello.no

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Ola Asdahl Rokkones lives in Tromsø in the north of Norway, but regularly appears with bands and orchestras all over Europe. He is an independent artist, and one of few saxophonists working both within classical music, jazz and folk music.

Terje Baugerød works as organist in Ris Church in Oslo, in addition to an active career as a performer, producer and composer. He is an openminded, improvising musician and works in particular with classical music, pop, electronica and traditional music from different cultures.

Their artistic ambition of this project is to perform both new and old Christmas songs in their own, and for the audience perhaps unexpected arrangements, highlighting both improvisational elements, jazz and folk music elements. They want the audience to get a strong, and perhaps overwhelming, musical experience, taking advantage of the sound potential in the church room and the dynamic range of the combination of the organ and the tenor saxophone.

Ola Asdahl Rokkones – tenor saxophone

Terje Baugerød – organ

All arrangements: Ola Asdahl Rokkones & Terje Baugerød

Produced by Ola Asdahl Rokkones & Terje Baugerød

Recorded and mixed by Terje Baugerød

Mastering: Cutting Room, Stockholm

Photo & design by Oda Hveem, Visuello.no

Recorded in Ris Church, Oslo

Organ: Ryde & Berg, 2010

Released with support from Nordnorsk Jazzsenter

See also: www.olarokkones.com



«Rokkones og Baugerød skaper et dempa og stemningsfylt musikalsk landskap gjennom arrangement og utmerka behandling av sine instrumenter.” (4/6)

Tor Hammerø – Tor de Jazz:
«Resultatet har blitt et flott julekort for orgel og saksofon der de to, og instrumentene deres, viser oss at de kler hverandre på et framifrå vis.”

Nordische Musik (DE):
“Zauberhaften Einspielungen. Sehr schön, für Jazzfreunde ebenso wie für traditioneller eingestellte »Klassik«-Hörer.” (5/6)


Label no: HZ7-010

RELEASE DATE: 27. october 2017

Fauna – Solefall (album)

Cover art: Oda Hveem – Visuello.no

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The vocal group Fauna was established in the autumn of 2009 at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The group consists of five skilful members who have their backgrounds from different musical traditions:

Silje Worquenesh Østby Kleiven
Camilla Marie Bjørk Andreassen
Beate Børli Løkken
Christina Thingvold
Gudrun Emilie Goffeng

Fauna works with folk songs outside of the conventional folk music tradition. This enables them to explore an intriguing sound, as two of the members are trained jazz singers, while the remaining three are practised in the classical tradition.

Fauna’s musical arrangements are written by the members of the group, and all compositions are tailored for their voices.

Through the music it becomes evident that it is the mixture of differences that makes up the unique and brave sound they present here.

With their debut album Solefall (Sunset), the Norwegian vocal ensemble Fauna leads the listener through a beautiful selection of Norwegian folk songs, all somehow thematically bound to the evening, night and morning. The result is a beguiling and engaging album with great textural variety, spanning from fragility to brutality.

Produced and recorded by Terje Baugerød, TerjeB Production
Mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen, Propeller Mastering
Photo & design by Oda Hveem, Visuello.no

See also: www.fauna-vokalkvintett.com



 Den Klassiske CD-bloggen (Trond Erikson)

«Solefall» is an album that breaks some new path in the vocal folk music´s many labyrinths. It requires a little courage to publish such an album – and then it’s good to hear that they succeed.»


Label no: HZ7-008

RELEASE DATE: 30. october 2015

Jazzmine – The Play (album)

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«Jazzmine – The Play” contains of 9 original tracks of pure instrumental Jazz fusion from the land of the Midnight Sun! JAZZMINE got together in the fall of 2014, and consists of an exiting mix of musicians from various countries in Europe: Germany, France, Hungary, Romania and Norway. All members are living in Oslo, so this is indeed a brotherhood project.

The CD was recorded live at Holmenkollen Chapel in Oslo late february 2015 by sound engineer Olav Erik Johansen. Mixed by Olav Erik Johansen and Tore Bø. Mastered at Propeller Mastering as in Oslo by Morgan Nicolaysen. All 9 tracks are composed and arranged by Tore Bø. CD released by TerjeB Productions.

This summer JAZZMINE has attended the two biggest jazzfestivals in Norway: the Kongsberg Jazzfestival and Molde International Jazzfestival. The band has also played at other smaller jazz clubs and venues in Norway, establishing themselfes as a live band that recieves great feedback from both organizers and the audiences.

JAZZMINE band members:

Magnus Bakken – Tenorsax/AKAI Ewi
Erik Rochette – Guitars
Zsolt Molnar – Vibraphone/MALLET Kat
Levente Gyarfas – Keyboards
Niklas Østergaard – Drums
Tore Bø – Bandleader / Bass



Tor Hammerø – Tor de Jazz (NO)
Det anbefales absolutt å bruke tid sammen med musikken deres.

Albumcheck (DE)
Eine Live-Band die mit Jazz instrumentell begeistert. 10/10

Musik an sich (DE)
Jazzmine ist insofern eine sehr gute neue Band, die es verdient, mit offenen Ohren empfangen zu werden! 17/20

Der Hörspiegel (DE)
«Ein Album, das gut ins Ohr geht und nicht nur Jazz-Fans gefallen dürfte.” 8/10

Weltmusik-Magasin (DE)
«Die Band spielt so ungeheuer entspannt und locker, dass sich der Spaß sofort auf den Hörer überträgt.»

Musicscan (DE) 8/10

Hooked on music (DE)
«Diese Scheibe groovt, rockt, reißt mit, funkt, ist obercool und trotzdem gefühlsecht. Beide Daumen hoch für diese Leistung!”

Musikreviews (DE)
«Ein Album mit den langweiligsten, nichtssagenden Titelnamen hinter denen sich Musik verbirgt, deren abwechslungsreiche Aussagekraft schon nach dem ersten Hördurchgang verblüfft und dann, spätestens nach dem zweiten Durchlauf begeistert.”

Ragazzi (DE)
«Wider Erwarten besticht die Scheibe durch ihre absolut positive Grundstimmung – nix mit skandinavisch-sklavischer Melancholie und Düsternis. Vital Information und Steps Ahead fallen mir beim ersten Hören als Reminiszenzen ein, was sich bei den Folgehördurchgängen bestätigt, vielleicht ergänzt um Yellowjackets, Spyro Gyra und The Rippingtons (letztere ohne die Schmusekatze, dafür mit einigen ripping tones); wären Toto eine Fusion-Band, würden sie vermutlich ganz ähnlich klingen wie Jazzmine.»


Label no: HZ7-007

RELEASE DATE: 4. september 2015 / 23. october 2015

Benedicte Årving & Terje Baugerød – O mio babbino caro (single)

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The most beautiful opera arie of all times – Puccinis «O mio babbino caro» – sung by the young and talented Norwegian soprano, Benedicte Årving, in an electronica production by Terje Baugerød.

Benedicte Årving – vocal
Terje Baugerød – keyboards / programming

produced, recorded and mixed by: Terje Baugerød

Label no: HZ7-005

RELEASE DATE: 8. october 2014

Anders Rønningen – Halm, strå, bambus og sykkelvaier (album)

On all digital platforms and CD

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Halm, strå, bambus og sykkelvaier
(Stubble, straw, bamboo and bicycle brake wire)
by Anders Rønningen, with valuable contribution from many of his musical friends on Madagascar,
is probably the most exotic Christmas release this year.


«I have enjoyed myself making this album a few late nights at Christmas time in 2013 at Antsirabe, Madagascar, where I have been so fortunate to live and work for a while.

It can be challenging to produce Christmas spirit when poverty is leaning against the wall outside, begging for food. Perhaps this has lowered the level of ambition and my willingness to gloss polish the music. I do not think it matters. The Christmas message might be even clearer. My Christmas dogma – and my hope for this recording – is that the simple, spontaneous, down to earth and maybe a little rusty sound will impart a Christmas feeling that does not conceal the real story that happened on the fields of Bethlehem in all its unthinkability: There, in a poor and dusty city – perhaps it was a bit like in Antsirabe – Jesus was born and laid on stubble and straw.

The main instrument on this recording is «Valiha», which is a Malagasy instrument made of bamboo and bicycle brake wire.

I think it’s a nice connection there, and therefore named this Cristmas Cd: ”Stubble, straw, bamboo and bicycle brake wire”. And with this, I wish you a great Christmas.

The product may contain traces of dust.»

Anders Rønningen


Arrangements and all instruments (Valiha, guitar, kabosy, korintsana, amponga): Anders Rønningen

Technician: Toky AR

Studio: «Lovasoa Sound», which is part of L4C, Antsirabe, Madagascar. www.lovasoa.mg

Many thanks to the singers and Choir: Hege Magnusson, Liv Stavnes Mevatne, Nils Kristian Høimyhr, Jean Revoma Maksera, Toky, Anders Rønningen and Chorale Militaire LOVA

Mastering: Terje Baugerød

This recording supports The Norwegian Mission Society ”worthy life – lasting hope”.

Read about NMS at www.nms.no


A short presentation of Anders Rønningen:

Anders Rønningen is a Norwegian composer, arranger, ethnomusicologist, music researher and guitarist. He has lived and worked several years in Madagascar and speak the language and knows the culture very well. He also plays valiha, which is the national instrument of Madagascar. 

He has lead several collaboration project between musicians and choirs from Norway, ;Madagascar and other countries, and contributed as a musician/produces/arranger in several of these. IN 2004, the album «Avtrykk» was released after a project where malagasy choirs sang well known psalms together with the Norwegian artist Kari Iveland. In 2008 he worked with the choir «Malaïka» from Cameroon, and composed together with the famous Norwegian writer and artist Ole Paus the work: «God´s Dream». This was written for female voices, string quartet, african choir and valiha, and has been performed several times. 

As for now he is working free lance as composer/artist and is preparing his PhD at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Label no: HZ7-004

RELEASE DATE: 1. november 2014

Benedicte Årving, Marius Grønsdal, Madeleine Ossum, Terje Baugerød – Ding dong merrily on high (Single)

On all digital platforms

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An exciting new version of this well known christmas carol made by three of Norways most talented young musicians together with Terje B.

Benedicte Årving – vocal

Marius Grønsdal – vocal

Madeleine Ossum – violin

Terje Baugerød – keyboards / programming

produced, recorded and mixed by: Terje Baugerød

Label no: HZ7-003

RELEASE DATE: 1. december 2013

Daniel Dama, Terje Baugerød – Daade Fulbe / Fulanistemmer (Album)

Illustration: Randi Eilertsen

On all digital platforms and CD

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Fulani is an ethnic group (about 20 million) who live in many countries in Sahel – the lower Sahara region of West Africa. They are traditionally nomads and herders. Today many are settled. The fulani culture also includes farmers, artisans, griots, and traders. About 1 million live in Mali. They are hospitable, proud and carriers of rich musical and other cultural traditions. Near the Sahara and the Niger bank they live their lives. Anyone who sits down and listens to the Fulani stories have much to learn. The recordings are made​ in Sevare in the Mopti region in Mali. The collaboration between singers and musicians from Norway and Mali, we want to contribute to the growing fulani church in Mali to use the music tradition in their worship. We hope that this cooperation will strengthen the ties between our two countries. Fulani voices are worth listening to. It was originally released on CD in 2009 (NO CHM 0901) and released digitally in 2013, licensed from NMS to Terje Baugerød´s label, TerjeB Production.

Daniel Dama – vocal
Terje Baugerød – keyboards
Harald Skullerud – pecussion, calabas, kalimba, mbira etc.
Mattis Kleppen – bass
Olav Torget – guitar, ngoni / konting
Anders Røine – munnharpe (jew´s harp), langeleik 
Boukari (Woogee) Coulibaly – Woogeeru (1-string violin)
Boussoura Coulibaly – Sereendu (fulaniflute)
Anne Flugstad – vocal
Esther Hodi – vocal
Dorcas Isac – vocal
Sangere fra Sangverket m.fl. – choir

music / lyrics: Daniel Dama
arr: Terje Baugerød
translations: Rigmor Frøyen
ill.: Randi Eilertsen
graphic form: Bjørnar Nørstebø

produced, recorded and mixed by: Terje Baugerød
mastering / CD-production: Cutting Room

Recorded in Sevare, Mali and Oslo, Norge

Label no: HZ7-002 (digital) / NO CHM 0901 (CD)

RELEASE DATE: 10. june 2009 (CD) / 25. november 2013 (digital)

Fulanimesse – Mannskoret Herrer, Solo Cissokho, Terje Baugerød (Album)

Illustration: Randi Eilertsen

On all digital platforms and CD

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Fulanimesse was initiated by Det Norske Misjonsselskap (www.nms.no) in 2004. The background was the completing of the translation of the New Testament to Fulfulde Mazina, the language spoken by the Fulanipeople in the north of Mali. The music is partly composed by Terje Baugerød inspired by his traveling in Mali and partly traditional music from Mali and Senegal. Solo Cissokho (1963-2019) was a kora-master and grioth from Casamance, Senegal. The musicians on Fulanimesse is some of Norways most experienced with african music. The recording is produced by Per Oddvar «Prots» Hildre and Terje Baugerød. It was originally released on CD in 2005 (NO CHM 0501) and is now for the first time released digitally, licensed from NMS to Terje Baugerød´s label, TerjeB Production.

Solo Cissokho – kora, vocal
Terje Baugerød – keyboards, composer, arranger
Mannskoret Herrer (Choir of Men)

Jon Arne Kjærstad – conductor

Harald Skullerud – percussion
Helge Harstad – bass
Olav Torget – guitar, ngoni/konting, vocal
Anne Flugstad – vocal
Trude Kristin Klæboe – vocal
Mamadi Jobarthe – flute

Rigmor Frøyen – lyrics
Leif Bråten – sound engineer
Jon Karlsen – ass. sound engineer / mix
Randi Eilertsen – paintings
Nils Arne Honningsvåg – graphic design
Mastering – Cutting Room

Produced by Per Oddvar «Prots» Hildre & Terje Baugerød

Label no: HZ7-001 (digital) / NO CHM 0501 (CD)

RELEASE DATE: 9. may 2005 (CD) / 25. november 2013 (digital)

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