Harald Skullerud & Terje Baugerød – Rhythmic Silence

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«Harald Skullerud (1970-2020) was my musical brother and close friend since I first met him about 30 years ago. During all these years we played a lot together in a bunch of projects, concerts and recordings.
In 2019 we recorded several hours of what we always had been doing together, total improvisation. Just hit record and play whitout any other plan than to see what happens. Harald lived in Hamarøy in the north of Norway at that time, and we made the recordings during a couple of days in January and April in Ris Church in Oslo.
The songs we chose for this album is the songs we both liked best and agreed to publish.
In the summer of 2020, Harald moved back to Oslo, and we worked a lot together until he suddenly passed away in December. The album was then almost ready to release.
I know how much we both wanted this album to release, so I have never been in doubt to complete it alone, when I was ready for it. It has been a long, both sad and good, mental process to finally come here to finally release this album.
Thanks to Olav Torget for excellent advices and support!
In the loving memory of my musical soulmate, Harald Skullerud.»

Harald Skullerud – percussion
Terje Baugerød – organ
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Terje Baugerød

Recorded in Ris Church, Oslo
Digital release by TerjeB Production

Released with support from Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere – ffuk.no
(The Fund For Performing Artists)

Label no: HZ7-024

RELEASE DATE: 30. june 2023