Fulanimesse – Mannskoret Herrer, Solo Cissokho, Terje Baugerød (Album)

Illustration: Randi Eilertsen

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Fulanimesse was initiated by Det Norske Misjonsselskap (www.nms.no) in 2004. The background was the completing of the translation of the New Testament to Fulfulde Mazina, the language spoken by the Fulanipeople in the north of Mali. The music is partly composed by Terje Baugerød inspired by his traveling in Mali and partly traditional music from Mali and Senegal. Solo Cissokho (1963-2019) was a kora-master and grioth from Casamance, Senegal. The musicians on Fulanimesse is some of Norways most experienced with african music. The recording is produced by Per Oddvar «Prots» Hildre and Terje Baugerød. It was originally released on CD in 2005 (NO CHM 0501) and is now for the first time released digitally, licensed from NMS to Terje Baugerød´s label, TerjeB Production.

Solo Cissokho – kora, vocal
Terje Baugerød – keyboards, composer, arranger
Mannskoret Herrer (Choir of Men)

Jon Arne Kjærstad – conductor

Harald Skullerud – percussion
Helge Harstad – bass
Olav Torget – guitar, ngoni/konting, vocal
Anne Flugstad – vocal
Trude Kristin Klæboe – vocal
Mamadi Jobarthe – flute

Rigmor Frøyen – lyrics
Leif Bråten – sound engineer
Jon Karlsen – ass. sound engineer / mix
Randi Eilertsen – paintings
Nils Arne Honningsvåg – graphic design
Mastering – Cutting Room

Produced by Per Oddvar «Prots» Hildre & Terje Baugerød

Label no: HZ7-001 (digital) / NO CHM 0501 (CD)

RELEASE DATE: 9. may 2005 (CD) / 25. november 2013 (digital)

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