Fauna Vokalkvintett – Jeg er så glad hver julekveld (single)

Cover art: Oda Hveem – Visuellon.no

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The vocal group Fauna was established in the autumn of 2009 at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The group consists of five skilful members who have their backgrounds from different musical traditions:

Silje Worquenesh Østby Kleiven, Camilla Marie Bjørk Andreassen, Beate Børli Løkken, Christina Thingvold and Gudrun Emilie Goffeng. In this particular recording, Norwegian singer Marthe Susann Åndahl was substituting for Silje Worquenesh Østby Kleiven.

Fauna works with folk songs outside of the conventional folk music tradition. This enables them to explore an intriguing sound, as two of the members are trained jazz singers, while the remaining three are practised in the classical tradition. Fauna’s musical arrangements are written by the members of the group, and all compositions are tailored for their voices.

Through the music it becomes evident that it is the mixture of differences that makes up the unique and brave sound they present here.

«Jeg er så glad hver julekveld» («I am so glad each Christmas eve») is a well known Norwegian Christmas song. The lyrics are by Marie Wexelsen (1832-1911). The melancholic tune used in this recording is after Guttorm Flisen from Elverum. The arrangement is written by Beate Børli Løkken.

Produced and recorded by Terje Baugerød, TerjeB Production
Mastered by Cutting Room, Stockholm
Photo & design by Oda Hveem, Visuello.no

See also: www.fauna-vokalkvintett.com


Label no: HZ7-012

RELEASE DATE: 8. december 2017

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