TerjeB - Walking from heaven (album)


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New, Norwegian electronica / pop / electropop / dance, produced by a classically educated church organist - who is best inspired by working with multicultural tarditional musicians – and is mostly listening to todays greatest producers of electronica / dance / house.

All music and most of the lyrics have been written and produced by Terje Baugerød.
The lyrics to “Balloons” is written by Hanne Elstrøm.
The cover photo is by Kjartan Duesund.

Vocal contribution by:
- Tuva Baugerød (vocals on “Balloons” & “Butterfly”)
- Silje Worquenesh Østby Kleiven (vocals on “Happy life”)
- Camilla Marie Bjørk Andreassen (vocals on “Call out”)
- Benedicte Årving (vocals on “We need to sing”)
- Youna Meit (vocals on “We need to sing”)


Label no: HZ7-006

DIGITAL RELEASE DATE: 11. september 2015
CD RELEASE DATE: to be announced

 © Terje Baugerød 2018