Rokkones & Baugerød - I denne søte juletid (album)


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Ola Asdahl Rokkones lives in Tromsø in the north of Norway, but regularly appears with bands and orchestras all over Europe. He is an independent artist, and one of few saxophonists working both within classical music, jazz and folk music.

Terje Baugerød works as organist in Ris Church in Oslo, in addition to an active career as a performer, producer and composer. He is an openminded, improvising musician and works in particular with classical music, pop, electronica and traditional music from different cultures.

Their artistic ambition of this project is to perform both new and old Christmas songs in their own, and for the audience perhaps unexpected arrangements, highlighting both improvisational elements, jazz and folk music elements. They want the audience to get a strong, and perhaps overwhelming, musical experience, taking advantage of the sound potential in the church room and the dynamic range of the combination of the organ and the tenor saxophone.

Ola Asdahl Rokkones – tenor saxophone

Terje Baugerød - organ

All arrangements: Ola Asdahl Rokkones & Terje Baugerød

Produced by Ola Asdahl Rokkones & Terje Baugerød

Recorded and mixed by Terje Baugerød

Mastering: Cutting Room, Stockholm

Photo & design by Oda Hveem,

Recorded in Ris Church, Oslo

Organ: Ryde & Berg, 2010

Released with support from Nordnorsk Jazzsenter

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"Rokkones og Baugerød skaper et dempa og stemningsfylt musikalsk landskap gjennom arrangement og utmerka behandling av sine instrumenter.” (4/6)

Tor Hammerø - Tor de Jazz:
"Resultatet har blitt et flott julekort for orgel og saksofon der de to, og instrumentene deres, viser oss at de kler hverandre på et framifrå vis.”

Nordische Musik (DE):
“Zauberhaften Einspielungen. Sehr schön, für Jazzfreunde ebenso wie für traditioneller eingestellte »Klassik«-Hörer. (5/6)


Label no: HZ7-010

RELEASE DATE: 27. october 2017

 © Terje Baugerød 2018